Purchase Hardware


Information on hardware standards and purchases that have been approved to purchase with procurement cards. 

To request a hardware purchase, please submit a technology purchase request.

IT reviewed and approved standard hardware is listed in the ITS Standards document attached to this KB on the right. If any hardware model, configuration or price changes, we will update this KB and the service form to reflect that change. 

The rule of thumb is purchases under $300 that do not need to be tagged, or inventories can be purchased on procurement cards. For a list of pre-approved items that can be purchased with your P-card, please see below:

  • Cables – such as;
    • USB-C to Lightning Cable
  • Power Adapters;
    • USB-C Power Adapter
    • Dell Power Adapters
    • Microsoft Power Adapters
  • Microsoft Pens & Surface Keyboards
  • Apple Pens & Smart Keyboards
  • Speakers under $300
  • Headsets – (Recommended model Poly EncorePro HW520 - headset – average price $79.99)
  • Computer Web cameras under $300 (Recommended model; Logitech C920 average price - $79.99)
  • Keyboards & Mice – (Recommended model; Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop)
  • Surge Protectors – (Recommended model; Surge Protector - Belkin 8-Outlet Commercial Power Strip
  • Docking Stations – ( Recommended model; Pluggable USB-C 4K average price - $195.04 , Microsoft Dock average price - $199.00)

Please note: non-standard hardware orders may take longer to order and configure. For the fiscal year, 2020-2021 technology hardware quote requests to purchase non-standard equipment is April 15th. For standard stock items, plan accordingly to request equipment, as standard stock hardware items will be first come first serve until inventory is completely sold out.

Models, configurations and prices last updated: 09/17/21


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