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The information provided in the steps below refers to both sending and receiving faxes at Bellevue College without using a physical fax machine.

In an effort to reduce expenses related to fax machines on campus, BC has implemented a FaxServer.  A FaxServer eliminates the need for a physical fax machine.

Anyone who has a BC email account can send a fax using the instructions below.

A dedicated folder on a server manages incoming faxes.  

Only those with Administrative Permission will have access to incoming faxes. A supervisor will need to submit a ticket requesting permission for someone to access incoming faxes.

The ticket submitted by the supervisor should include the last 4 fax number digits that have been assigned to the department. 

\\shares\faxes\xxxx.  **Substitute your 4 digit fax number for xxxx above**


To send a new fax, use the following instructions:

IMPORTANT:  Any attachments to a fax MUST BE A PDF FILE.

Internal Fax:

  1. To send internal (BC) fax:
  2. Open a new email 
  3. In the TO line of the email typefax=faxnumber@faxserver.bellevuecollege.edu  (where faxnumber = 4 digits)

External Fax:

  1. To send external (outside BC) fax:
  2. Open a new email
  3. In the TO line of the email typefax=1+AreaCode+faxnumber@faxserver.bellevuecollege.edu  (example: fax=12068361234@faxserver.bellevuecollege.edu)


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