How to: Email Students in your Course


Bellevue College maintains an email address for each unique course section. If you’re an instructor for the section, you may use this address to email all students at once. This is strictly for email, not the messaging system within Canvas.


  • These addresses will be activated on the first day of the quarter and remain active for the duration of the quarter
  • Your students must have a BC email address in order to receive mail sent to the course email address
  • For security reasons, only the instructor(s) teaching the course has permissions to send to the address
  • After an instructor is initially assigned, if there is a change in the assigned staff, IT will need to manually update this information. Please submit a Request to have this updated.


  • E-mail address:
  • The CourseID is: Your course item# + The year quarter code
    • Ex. If your course was offered fall quarter, 2014 and the item number for you course was 3000 your course e-mail address would be
  • For more information on Year/Quarter Codes, please see the "Related Articles" section on this page.
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