How to Submit Event to BC Events Calendar using 25Live Pro


Instructions on how to submit events to the public BC Events Calendar using 25Live Pro. This replaces the old process as of Summer 2021.



Instructions on how to submit events to the public BC Events Calendar using 25Live Pro. This replaces the old process as of Summer 2021.

How to Submit an Event (Video)

How to Submit an Event (Step-by-Step)

  1. Log in to 25Live Pro
  2. Click the Event Form button at the top right of the page
  3. Fill in your event information
    For more details on how to use 25Live Pro, see the 25Live Pro training page (in SharePoint)
  4. The following fields are required
    1. Event name
    2. Event type
    3. Department
    4. Expected head count (please enter 1 at a minimum or your event may not publish)
    5. Date and time
    6. Location (the location “online” can be selected if no physical location is used)
      1. To add a location, search for the location by name, then click the Reserve button next to the location you would like to use.
  5. To request that your event be added to the BC Events Calendar, go to the Resources section of the form
    1. In the Search Resources box, type "CAL" and click Search
    2. Click the Reserve button next to the calendars to which you would like to add your event
      1. Your event will need to be approved before it displays on a public calendar
      2. If you are submitting a general event not related to one of the department calendars, select the CAL - BC Public Events Calendar resource.
      3. Make sure you select at least one 'CAL-' resource! If you do not, your event will not go to the BC events calendar!
  6. Before saving, preview your event
    1. Complete the event form fields and preview your event by clicking Preview at the bottom of the page
    2. After saving you will still be able to edit the description field. However, it is highly recommended to review your event details before saving as not all the event details will be able to be adjusted after saving.
    3. Please note that locations and resources are only requested until approved by appropriate location and resource approvers

Event Guidelines

Events that do not follow these guidelines may not be approved. These guidelines may change at any time- make sure you check the guidelines before submitting an event

  1. Events must have a short, clear title
  2. Events must have a description
    1. The description must follow the BC Style Guide website accessibility guidelines and other rules
    2. Description should include at least one short paragraph about what your event is, and who the intended audience is (students, employees, etc)
    3. You can include a link back to your department or other informational page if you desire
    4. All links should use linked text (the address itself should not show). You can use the 'Add Link' button to add links
    5. If you copy and paste text, make sure you Paste as Plain Text, or clear formatting (option found in the Format menu)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to publish my event?

Please note that the calendar requests are reviewed during normal business hours and may take up to one business day to review. After a BC Event Calendar approver approves the event to be published on the calendar it may take up to 30 minutes to display.

How do I edit my event description?

Within 25Live Pro open your event that you would like to update. Under the details tab go to the section for the description. Click on the symbol of a pencil in a box. This will open a box to edit the description. When edits are complete click the save button. Note that “Edit Mode” must be enabled to make changes.



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