Use of demonstration or test software on college computers


Knowledge about legalities of demo, personal or trial software on Bellevue College computers



Demonstration programs are often made available by software manufacturers as a marketing tool to allow computer users to test and try out their software before purchasing.  These guidelines govern the use of this type of software in campus classrooms and offices.

Software Acquisition

Demonstration/ test  software can be obtained in a number of ways.  One of the most popular ways is as a download from a company’s Web site, but it can come from various types of media.

Any demonstration/ test software used on campus is considered “personal” software until it has been appropriately licensed by the college.  Generally, this means the individual college employee who wants to acquire this software for personal use may do so, downloading and registering for it without restriction.

However, security policies and computer security protocols on campus generally prevent the user from  installing that software on their college-assigned computer.


Once a college employee has acquired a copy of demonstration/ test software, a request for installation must be submitted via a ticket.  A technical support technician will be assigned to come and install the software for the requester.

Key elements of the standard regarding installation and use of demo/ test software:

  • It will be installed for testing and evaluation purposes only.
  • This type of software license may not be used in any production capacity, in an office or a classroom, unless it has been appropriately purchased.
    • This means it may not be used by an employee to accomplish any actual work for the college or by a student to do any class work without being paid for.
  • It can be installed in a classroom, and its use or functionality may be shown to students, if such exhibition is a legitimate part of the curriculum.
    • However, it cannot be installed where students can actually use it hands-on unless it has been appropriately purchased by the college.
  • It must ultimately be purchased or be removed from any college-owned computing resources in a timely manner compliant with the specifications set by the software’s specific license.
  • The use of demonstration/ test software is exempted from the usual documentation requirements for personally-licensed software until it is adopted for use.
    • After that, it must be purchased, documented and installed appropriately.
  • Any user requesting installation of personally-licensed software must complete and sign the Personal Software Installation Clearance form before the software will be installed.




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