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Knowledge about unsubscribing or subscribing to BC FYI Email



BC FYI is a campus distribution message sent via email to BC employees.  The messages are for college-related information in which most recipients might be interested. Receiving the BC FYI email is optional for employees.  All messages can be read by employees and students on the Bellevue College public site BC FYI Campus Bulletin Messages

Examples of messages:

  • Announcements for campus events
  • Information of general interest
  • Special requests to the college community

You can unsubscribe from receiving BC FYI email by submitting a ticket asking to have your email address removed from the distribution list.  If you decide at a later date that you want to be included in the BC FYI email, you can submit a ticket asking to be included in the BC FYI email distribution list. 

 Submit a ticket to unsubscribe or subscribe to BC FYI

About BC FYI

If you have additional questions about email at Bellevue College, please contact the ITS Service Desk ITS Service Desk



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