Mark an Email as Phishing in Office 365


Follow the steps to mark a suspicious email as phishing.



When receiving a phishing email, please follow the steps below to mark it as phishing. NEVER click on any links within a suspicious email. Sometimes phishing emails come from a recognizable source like a friend or colleague. These attempts are not always immediately obvious. Due diligence is required.

What is phishing

Phishing refers to luring techniques used by identity thieves to fish for personal information in a pond of unsuspecting Internet users. It is a general term for the creation and use by criminals of e-mails and websites that have been designed to look like they come from well-known, legitimate and trusted businesses, financial institutions and government agencies. (

In Office 365:

  1. Login to your Office 365 email (
  2. Right click on the email in question that you would like to Mark as phishing (do not click on any links in the email!)
  3. Once the menu below is open, select Report -> Report phishing

  4. The phishing email will be removed from your inbox and will be reported to Microsoft. By doing this, the system will learn to eliminate threats before arriving to your Inbox. You may always forward any suspicious emails to our IT Service Desk, OR



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