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Your Bellevue College email is protected from malicious links by system enhancements



Bellevue College (BC) has added Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to our email system. Links to websites in your BC email that you receive will be verified by the system. If you click on a link from your BC email that is not determined to be safe, you will receive a warning page (see examples below):

A site has been blocked:

The URL is blocked for your organization. There are several reasons why a URL might be blocked. We recommend that you contact your organization's Office 365 administrator.

A URL is in a suspicious email message:

The URL is in an email message that seems similar to other email messages that are considered suspicious. We recommend that you double-check the email message before proceeding to the site.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is scanning the link:

A URL is being scanned by ATP Safe Links. You might have to wait a few moments to try the link again.

Per Microsoft, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps protect our organization from phishing attempts and malware through features, such as ATP Safe Links. When an email is sent to you that includes a URL (a link), the URL is rewritten so that Office 365 can check the link against a list of known malicious websites at the time you click the link. If it is found to be a known malicious site, you will be redirected to a block page, as show in the examples above. If you have any hesitation or you are suspicious of a link, please contact the Service Desk @ 425-564-4357. 



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