How to: Setup Self-Service Password Reset Options


The below steps go over setting up self-service password reset options (SSPR) for your NetID credentials. Everyone with a Bellevue College account must go through this process. However, it will only be needed if you forget your password. It is possible after setting this up, that you will never use it, but it is required for account security.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Sign in using your full Bellevue College (BC) email (
  3. Enter your BC password and select Sign in

    Screenshot showing username and password screen
  4. You will be taken to the Security Info page where you can add a security method, as shown below:

    Screenshot showing the Security info page and the option to add a method
  5. Click + Add method
  6. A list of reset methods are now displayed for you to choose from, as shown below:

    Screenshot showing the dropdown list of available security methods (authenticator app, phone, email, security questions, security key and office phone)
  7. As an example we have selected  Security questions from the list (please note, security questions has been selected for demo purposes, you may choose another method listed)
  8. A list of Security question options will appear for you to choose from and provide the answers to:

    Screenshot showing the security questions, there are five of them that you must select and provide answers to
  9. Once filled out and completed, click Done
  10. Your account is now configured with the means to reset your NetID password, should you forget it in the future

If you have any questions please contact our Technology Service Desk @ 425-564-4357

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