How To: Update ctcLink Password Recovery Options


There may be times when you wish to update or change the recovery options aligned to your ctcLink account. Here is a guide from ctcLink on how to update your password recovery options.

Log in to Update Your Account

  1. Navigate to the myaccount Sign In page:
  2. Enter your ctcLink ID into the ctcLink ID field then select the Next button

"screenshot of the ctcLink sign in page for your ctcLink ID"

  1. Enter your password into the Password field, then select the Verify button.

"screenshot of the ctcLink sign in page for your password"

  1. Once the Account Portal page displays, select the Password Settings application icon.

"screenshot of the password settings icon"

  1. Select the green Edit Profile button in the upper right of the page.

"screenshot of the ctcLink password settings page showing the Green Edit Profile button"

  1. The Please verify your password pop up notification displays. Enter your password into the Password field and select the Verify button.

"screenshot of the verify your password notification window"

  1. Next, you will be prompted for additional verification.
  2. Select any verification method that was set up during your account creation.
  3. To select a different method, use the dropdown menu arrow to the right of the center icon toward the top center of the window.
  4. Select the particular authentication factor you wish the system to use to send your unique code.

"screenshot of the select an authentication factor menu"

  1. Enter the appropriate information requested on the page.
    1. For this example, a text code was sent to the phone number provided.
  2. Select the Send code button.
  3. Once you receive the text code, enter it into the Enter Code field and select the Verify button.

"screenshot of the text code verification window"

  1. The Account page displays again with Edit options available for each account section.

Here is a link to the Guide in the ctcLink Resources pages if you would like more information on changing your personal information or the other means of other verification methods. In this guid we used the Text option as an example.


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