How to: Opt In or Out of a Call Queue in Teams


If you are part of a departmental call queue within Teams, like the Service Desk help line (x4357), you may opt in or out of the call queue at your convenience. Opting into the call queue allows you to receive calls for that queue's extension. Opting out of the call queue stops that queues calls from coming into your Teams account. Please follow the steps below to opt in or out of a call queue.

  1. Open Teams desktop app
  2. Sign in using your Bellevue College NetID account credentials
  3. Click the three dots at the top right of the Teams app, next to your profile icon 
  4. Click Settings

    Screenshot of a menu with options for Settings, Zoom, Keyboard Shortcuts, About and Check for Updates
  5. Select Calls from the list of options that appear
  6. Scroll down to the Call Queues section
  7. Toggle the switch to opt in or out of the listed call queue you are a part of

    Screenshot of settings options, including Call settings and the toggle switch for the call queue you want to opt in or out of
  8. If you enabled the call queue, you opted in and you will receive calls for that queue in Teams. If you toggled the switch off, you have opted out of the queue and you will no longer receive calls for that queue
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