How To: Access OneDrive Online for Mac and Windows


Instructions for how to access OneDrive online using a browser for Mac and Windows, This article also has instructions for how to upload a file or folder to your OneDrive.


How To: Access OneDrive Online

  1. Login to your BC Email  Bellevue College Email

  2. Once you are connected, click on the apps launcher graphic that looks like a waffle in the upper left (Image 1[color may vary]). App Launcher / waffle icon Image 1

  3. Click on OneDrive under the apps section.

  4. Select My Files on the menu to the left to go to your OneDrive files and access the files you need.


How To: Upload a File to OneDrive Online

  1. Follow the instructions above. From the OneDrive My Files page, click the Upload button at the top of the page.

  2. From here you can choose to upload individual files by clicking Files or upload whole folders by clicking Folders.

  3. Once you have made your selection a window will open, Navigate to and select the file/folder you wish to upload.

  4. Click open/choose to begin uploading the file/folder to your OneDrive.

  5. Once the file finishes uploading it should appear under the My Files section of OneDrive.



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