How to: Set-up Multi-Factor Authentication with a Security Key

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Please follow the instructions below to set-up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your NetID account using a security key as the security method. You may request a security key by contacting our ITS Service Desk.

Setting up MFA:

  1. Sign into your Account using your BC credentials
  2. Select the Security Info option as shown below:

    Image of Microsoft account options. Listed are Overview, Security info, Organizations, Devices and Privacy
  3. Select the option to Add sign-in method and you will be presented with a drop-down menu of options as shown below:

    List of authentication methods. Listed are Authentication app, Phone, Alternate phone, Emai, Security question, Security key and Office phone


Authentication Method - Security Key

  1. You may choose the method that you are most comfortable with from the list of options (for this example, we will be choosing Security Key). For Faculty and Staff, please contact our Service Desk for a security key
  2. Select your security key type from the options listed

    selection screen for security key type
  3. There will be a prompt with instructions to have your security key ready, click ok to continue

  4. Insert your security key into your computer and click ok, follow the remaining prompts.
  5. Verify the account it is trying to connect to it is correct

  6. You will need to create PIN for this security key, this will be used whenever you authenticate with the security key

  7. You will then name the security key that name will appear under the Security Info tab for your BC account

  8. Once you have named your security key, your account will then be setup to use the security key for multifactor authentication

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