Data Storage Options at Bellevue College


There are a few standardized online storage solutions for storing Bellevue College data.  These solutions provide data backup, security and access from web browsers for all O365 applications, which includes OneDrive and the MyBC SharePoint site.

Utilizing these online storage locations will prevent the loss of valuable data that resides on a local computer in the event of a hard drive failure or corruption. 

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is a Microsoft Cloud based storage solution that can be synched with a local device i.e., computer, laptop, tablet. The primary purpose will be for individuals to store and share their data. OneDrive is available to replace the MyDocuments folder on a computers local hard drive.  Users will have 1 TB of storage for files and the ability to share with multiple individuals at their discretion. Sharing permissions are limited to Read (read only) and Modify (edit files). You as the owner of the file have control over distributing the permissions. All file types can be stored on your OneDrive.  Access to your BC OneDrive is available from anywhere with an internet connection .


 MyBC is a secure Microsoft cloud site for storing, managing, and organizing internal (not visible to public) Bellevue College content and data.  Data stored on the site provides the ability to share files, collaborate, manage file versions, and connect from anywhere with an internet connection. The MyBC site integrates with O365 providing a consistent look. MyBC is built on the SharePoint platform.


Shares is a file share server solution. The primary purpose is for departments to store data that can be shared internally with BC departments.  Departments have 400GB of storage space to store files which can be accessed by everyone in the department if they have been given permission by their supervisor.  Shares and MyBC are both meant for BC department data storage.  Shares is not accessible via a web browser and is in the process of being replaced by MyBC for storing internal Bellevue College data.   

  • Shares has 2 levels of permissions: Read (read only) and Modify (edit files). The permissions are assigned at the top level (parent folder) only. Permissions to subfolders are not separately configured.
  • The Directors, Deans and VP’s can authorize permissions for employees needing access to Shares. This can be accomplished by the Directors, Deans, or VP entering a ticket.
  • All files on Shares will be viewable by anyone in the department that has been given the minimal permission of Read.
  • Shares is available for Mac and Windows files. The following file types cannot be stored on Shares: pst, msg, eml, idx, mbox, mbx, oft, ost, pab.
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