Managing your NetID and Password


Your NetID is your electronic identity at Bellevue College. Your NetID is a combination of a username and password which allows you to log in to online and computing services such as e-mail, Canvas and computers on campus.  Setting up your NetID is something you should do as soon as possible after you apply for admission to the college or after being hired as an employee.  Your password is confidential and should never be shared with anyone. 

Set up your NetID

Once you have been issued your ctcLink ID, you will need to create your NetID online.

Username Format

All students and employees choose a username based on first and last name.  The username format is: firstname.lastname, however you may use a nickname for your firstname portion. Your username becomes the first portion of your e-mail address (Example:

Managing your Password

Note: All NetID passwords expire every 120 days, so it is important that you reset your password on a regular basis.  If the expiration date passes, you will be unable to access college resources until you have updated your password.

Password requirements

For security purposes, your password must comply with the following requirements:

  • must be changed at least every 120 days
  • must be at least 8 characters long must contain a variation of at least 3 of the following: lowercase lettersuppercase lettersnumbers, and/or symbols (allowed– ` ~ ! $ ^ & *( ) _ + – = { }| [ ] : ” ; < > ? .  –all other symbols and characters may cause conflicts with operating system and network software)
  • may not contain any part of your real name or NetID username, or be a variation of those names
    •  For example, a user with the user name “jill.smith” cannot use “jsmith” as a password

Services available using NetID

You will use your NetID to access important college services such as:

  • BC e-mail
  • Online Course sites (Canvas)
  • Campus computers
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