LTI's (Learning Tools Interoperability) in Canvas

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What is an LTI?

An LTI connects Canvas to third party tools (i.e. Pearson or Course Evaluations) to provide seamless access to students and faculty. There are typically two ways that Bellevue College integrates LTI's: Globally or at the Course Level. If an LTI is integrated globally, all courses at Bellevue College have the ability to use it. If the LTI was integrated at the Course Level, only those specific courses will have access to the LTI. Once an LTI has been integrated, there are two main ways to activate it within a course: in the Course Navigation, or by adding an External Tool within Modules. They way the LTI is activated in a course depends on how the third party has set it up.

The table below lists the global LTI's at Bellevue College. If there is an LTI that you wish to add to your course that is not listed below, you will need to submit a ticket for assistance.

How can I activate a global LTI in my course?

There are two primary ways to activate the LTI's listed on this page. In the table, the column marked "Access" will state which way you can activate the LTI in your course.


  1. Open your course
  2. Go to Settings on the left
  3. Click on Navigation at the top
  4. Click and drag your choice to the top
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save


  1. Open your course
  2. Go to Modules
  3. In the desired module, click the "+" sign
  4. Under "Add", click on the drop down and select External Tool
  5. Scroll down and click on the LTI that you would like to use
    1. Note that there are two scroll bars, use the smaller one
  6. Scroll down and fill in the remaining information as needed.
    1. Tip: If an LTI doesn't load in Canvas, try selecting "Load in a new tab"

What global LTI's are currently in use at Bellevue College and what do they do?

  • LTI: This colum will link to either the third party's site or directions created by Bellevue College
  • Description: A brief description as to what the LTI can do
  • Access: Whether the LTI can be activated within Modules, Navigation or both
LTI Description Access
Academic Success Center Links to the Academic Success Center at Bellevue College. Both
Ally Checks accessibility for Word, PDF and Graphics in a Canvas course. Modules
New Analytics

Data is refreshed for published courses in the New Analytics dashboard every 24 hours. Report data may be delayed by 24 hours; however, Course Activity Report data may be delayed by 40 hours. Only active and completed student enrollments are included in data for New Analytics. Deleted or inactive user enrollments do not generate data.

Attendance/Roll Call Attendance can be taken electronically through Canvas. Face-to-face courses can also use this tool. Both
Badgr Badgr is a free end-to-end platform for collecting, organizing, sharing and issuing Open Badges. Both
Cengage Learning Mindlinks Find the right set of materials for the current unit or assignment, correct online assignments. Post grades for those same assignments. Both
Chat Tool Can be used for real-time conversation with course users. Any user in the course can participate in a chat conversation and view all chat content. Both
Disability Resources Links to the Disability Resource Center at Bellevue College. Both
Dropbox Dropbox users select and link to files within course content or in conjunction with homework submissions. Modules
Watermark/ Evaluations Watermark has replaced 'Evalkit/Evaluations 
For questions, please contact

Films on Demand

Films on Demand provides online streaming videos on general topics as well as allied heath topics. Modules

Follett BryteWave

BryteWave Reader is a platform designed to access your digital textbooks Navigation


Gradescope helps instructors grade problem sets and other assignments more quickly and consistently while still allowing for detailed feedback. Navigation
LibGuides An easy-to-use content management system deployed at thousands of libraries worldwide. Librarians use it to curate knowledge and share information, organize class and subject specific resources, and to create and manage websites. Modules
Library Links to Library at Bellevue College. Both
LinkedIn (Previously Bellevue College licensed resource that provides a vast array of training material online. This amazing resource is available to all students and employees with current Bellevue College login credentials. Modules
MacMillan Learning Links to Publisher's website.  
McGraw-Hill Connect Links to Publisher's website. Both
MH Campus Provides single sign-on access and gradebook sync to McGraw-Hill. Modules
MIT OCW Massachusetts Institute of Technology open course ware. Modules
MyLab and Mastering Links to Pearson electronic textbooks. Both
JBLearning Comprehensive print and digital solutions combine authoritative content with innovative technology to help educators teach more effectively and students learn more efficiently. Modules
Office 365 Upload files directly into Canvas from Office 365. Both
OneNote Class Notebook Have a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts and a collaboration space for activities. Both
OneNote Class Notebook Module Same as Onenote ClassNotebook Modules
Online Tutoring An online tutoring platform allows tutors to work with you synchronously and asynchronously. Both
Panopto Quiz In Panopto you have the ability to add quiz questions to any Panopto video at any point during the presentation. Quizzes can only be taken by users that are signed into your Panopto site. Modules
Panopto Recordings Cloud-based video lecture capture tool for training, teaching, and presenting. Both
Pearson Links to Publishers Site. Both
Public Resources Links to popular video repositories such as YouTube,  TedEd, Vimeo, KahnAcademy and Quizlet. Modules
Respondus LockDown Browser A custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. Used at over 1500 higher educational institutions, LockDown Browser is the “gold standard” for securing online exams in classrooms or proctored environments. Navigation
SCORM SCORM defines a specific way of constructing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and training content so that they work well with other SCORM conformant systems.


SimCheck Verify the originality of student work via a plagiarism checker. Both
Student Rights Links to Belleuve College site. Both
VitalSource Bookshelf Electronic textbooks from a variety of publishers. Contact the Bookstore for more information. Modules

What Global LTI's have been disabled for the college?

Global LTI's can be deactivated when the vendor is no longer supporting the LTI, or Bellevue College is no longer using the LTI. This list will share what LTI's were previously available, but are no longer in use.

  • ConexEd (Cranium Cafe): Retired
  • Vericite: Retired December 16th 2020. Deprecated system which was replaced by SimCheck.
  • Quizlet Flash Cards: Retired April 22, 2020. Integration was not working and vendor was not replying to requests for assistance.
  • Mediasite: Retired December 2019
  • Mediasite Catalog: Retired December 2019
  • Canvabadges: Retired by Canvas October 1, 2018. All badges were migrated by Canvas to Badgr.
  • Office Mix: Retired on May 1, 2018. Microsoft was retiring the tool. No true replacement at this time.
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