How to: Create a Voicemail using Microsoft Teams in Office 365


Please follow the steps below to create a voicemail greeting using the Microsoft Teams:

  1. Login to Microsoft Teams with your Bellevue College NetID
  2. Click your Profile icon in the upper right corner of the Teams website
  3. In the Menu that appears click on Settings
  4. On the left side of the Settings menu click on Calls
  5. Click the Configure voicemail button
  6. You have two options for recording your new greeting:
    1. Click Record a greeting and follow the prompts to record a greeting using your microphone
    2. Alternatively, you may type out a text to speech greeting using the text box under Text-to-speech customized greeting option and then click OK
  7. Call your extension to verify your greeting is configured to your liking

If you experience any difficulty recording a new voicemail greeting, please call our Service Desk @ 425-564-4357.