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In addition to meetings, you can setup a Live Event with Microsoft Teams. Meetings and Live Events have slightly different functionality, these differences are intended to accommodate the size of the audience whether it is a large or small group. With Teams Meetings you can meet with smaller groups (250 or less). Live Events allow you to meet with thousands of people at once (Max of 10,000). Live events also provides some of the services of an "on-demand" video. Meaning that, as an attendee, you can pause the event, watch what has already happened, or jump to the "Live" moment. If you happen to join late you have the option of starting from the beginning or jumping to the current moment in the event.

Setting up a Live Event

Once you schedule a Live Event, you will have the opportunity to stage your content before "going live", this is pre-view mode. This will let you get all of your materials in order and test your microphone and camera. As the producer, if you need to disconnect from the Live Event, you can do so while while you are in pre-view mode. Once you "go live" if you disconnect, it will end the Live Event. So, as the Producer, it is always good to login to the event early to get everything setup and ready to go before "going live". If you are wondering what a Producer is in Teams, the roles of a Live Event are a bit different than when you attend a meeting. So it is important to review the roles when you are setting up a Live Event to see how the roles can be helpful to you.

Captioning and Translating

By default, captions will be turned on when you are setting up a Live Event. Even so, it is good to check to make sure captioning is on. If you may need the captions translated, and you know this in advance, Teams will allow you to translate the captions to a another language. There are around 50 language options that you can choose from.

Joining a Live Event

Live Events are "on-demand" so even if you are late, you won't necessarily miss out on the content. If you are attending a Live Event, try to login a few minutes early if you can. If you aren't able to login early, you will have the option to "play" the event. This will start it from the beginning. If you would like to watch it in real-time, click on "Live" which will be located next to the play/pause button.

Q&A Option

During a Live Event, all attendees will automatically be muted. But Producers and Presenters will have the ability to moderate a Q&A. Since attendees are muted during a Live Event, there will be a Q&A option for attendees to ask questions. All questions submitted will show up to the moderators who can then review and reply to questions. Moderators have the ability to "publish" or "dismiss" a question. Publishing a question makes it available to everyone in attendance. Dismissing keeps the question private. Those who are moderating the meeting will have the ability to answer all questions.A complete list of the Q&A's can be downloaded after  the event is over.

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