Securing Zoom Meetings


Zoom is a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration for online classes. The below steps are ways you can help ensure a safe and secure meeting with your audience.

Steps you can take to help secure Zoom: 

  • When scheduling a meeting, we recommend generating a new Meeting ID for each session 

  • Add a password to your meeting 

  • Do not publicly publish your meeting room links 

  • Once all attendees have joined your session, we recommend locking the meeting: go to Manage Participants > More > Lock Participants 

  • Go to the web portal before the meeting, open Settings, and set the meeting so that only hosts can share screens. If someone will be, for instance, giving a presentation with slides that requires a screen share, consider making them a co-host 
  • If anyone in the room has their phone number as a display name because they have dialed in, you should change it to their first name or a pseudonym. Dial-in participants cannot change this themselves. You can change it by going to Manage Participants, placing your cursor on the participant’s name, and clicking “Rename” 
  • Consider naming the meeting with a reminder that it will be recorded so that people can choose whether to participate in a recorded meeting (ex: "English 101 Syllabus Overview - Live & Recorded") 

Zoom Training:

Linked In Learning and the BC eLearning department provides additional training and information on using Zoom. Recommended that you take the time to learn how to use Zoom.

The Zoom website has a vast amount of information to assist Zoom users. Zoom Support

All BC employees and students have access to Linked In Learning courses.  This beginner and refresher course for Zoom is helpful. Learning Zoom features

Log in to Linked In Learning:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner
  3. Click Sign in with your organization account
  4. Enter your Bellevue College Email address
  5. Click Continue
  6. You may be asked an additional time to enter your BC Email address for authentication.  Go ahead and enter your BC Email address if prompted.
  7. Click Next
  8. Pay attention to the next step and choose if you want your new LinkedIn Learning account to be associated with your current LinkedIn account (if you have one) or choose not to associate the 2 accounts.


Steps ITS has taken to help secure Zoom: 

  • Employees and students must sign into meetings with their Bellevue College NetID account  

  • Outside guests are permitted, but will be identified as “guests” in the meeting (with notice, we may remove guest access altogether in the future to further secure the use of Zoom) 

  • Annotation, and whiteboard features are disabled by default (you can turn them on as needed) 

  • Although BC Zoom organizational settings and features are enabled or disabled for security reasons, individuals can change those setting in their own Zoom Profile which will affect their Zoom meetings.

  • Recommended that all Zoom users become familiar with using Zoom by taking training as mentioned above via Linked In Learning or eLearning Dept or Zooms website. 

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