Working Remotely

Knowledge on resources available for remotely connecting to campus computers, including VPN, remote configuration, Office 2019 for home use and more.

Articles (7)

How to: Find Your Computer Name (Windows & Mac OS)

How to find the name of your computer in Windows 10 or Mac OS.

Microsoft Office 365 for Home Use on a Mac or PC

Knowledge about Office 2016 that is available to Bellevue College students and employees

Microsoft Teams Quickstart

Get started using Microsoft Teams! Here we've compiled a short video series for you to get more familiar with Teams. We've also included some in-depth content, for those looking to learn Teams more comprehensively.

Securing Zoom Meetings

Helpful steps and recommendations to help ensure a safe and secure connection with Zoom.

Setting up Meetings with Microsoft Teams

Setup a meeting using Teams.

Teams Guide for Students

Bellevue College provides technology that students can use to collaborate and communicate with their classmates and instructors in several different ways. One such tool is Microsoft Teams. This article will explain how to join your instructor's class using Microsoft Teams. We will discuss how to get the software, and how to navigate to your class' team.