Microsoft Office 365 for Home Use on a Mac or PC


Every Bellevue College student and employee has permission to install up to five copies of Microsoft Office 365 on their personal computers. Please follow the steps below to install Office 365 on a personal device.

How To:

  1. Go to Office 365
  2. Login using your full Bellevue College email account (
  3. Select 'Work or school account' when prompted
  4. When the Office 365 page opens, click the Install Office button (example shown below)
    screenshot of the button location for installing office. please tab until you hear 'Install Office' and select 'enter' to download
  5. A Microsoft Office package will begin to download
  6. Once downloaded, please follow the prompts to complete the installation

If you are having difficulty downloading and installing Microsoft Office to your machine, please contact our Service Desk @ 425-564-4357.


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