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Student computer labs that are available for student use on main campus. These labs are configured with internet access, computer hardware, software and printing.
Knowledge about how to print using the wireless network
Troubleshooting Canvas issues for students.
Knowledge about student printing fees, adding funds to printing funds balance and reviewing charges using PaperCut application.
Getting started with Canvas for students.
Error messages that students might see in Canvas.
Drop-in hours for assistance with Canvas for students.
Canvas workshops specifically for a student audience.
How to login to Zoom as a Bellevue College student
Bellevue College provides technology that students can use to collaborate and communicate with their classmates and instructors in several different ways. One such tool is Microsoft Teams. This article will explain how to join your instructor's class using Microsoft Teams. We will discuss how to get the software, and how to navigate to your class' team.
In-person Canvas workshops for students.
Videos providing an overview of Canvas for students.
Tips for students who are new to Canvas.
For students who need assistance with Canvas.
Common reasons as to why students do not see their courses in Canvas.