Canvas Training for Students


Canvas is Bellevue College’s “Learning Management System” or “LMS”. It enables instructors to build and maintain a secure workspace to share course content, communicate with students, provide online learning activities and assessments, and keep track of their students’ progress. Before getting started, familiarize yourself with Canvas through the Bellevue College eLearning Department at the link below.


NEW: Student Canvas Workshops have moved to BC eLearning! To learn more, click here, or proceed to


Learn about Canvas with a student Canvas workshop

  • In-person Student Workshops Facilitated by the BC eLearning team. A fantastic workshop designed to get you started with Canvas, which is recommended for all new students.
  • Canvas Video Series This video series will help you get up to speed with Canvas. There are 6 videos covering the main features in Canvas. Watch the entire series in 30 minutes, or skip to the 3-6 minute video of your choosing.
  • Student Online Canvas Workshop This is a workshop sponsored by the eLearning Department and is offered for students taking Online and Hybrid Courses using Canvas. The workshop is offered on specific days, before the start of the quarter, but on those days, you may work at home, at a time of your own choosing, at your own pace. Advanced registration is required.
  • Student Canvas Live Training This page is a full learning resource for Canvas, starting with student questions, technical requirements, and information on how to use Canvas on your mobile device, followed by videos that step you through using Canvas.
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