Why can’t I see my course(s) in Canvas?


If you are a student and you are not seeing one or more of your courses in Canvas, please check the following.

Did you just create your NetID?

NetID is short for "Network Identification" and is the first part of your Bellevue email address. If your email address is "username@bellevuecollege.edu", your NetID is "username". From the time you create your NetID, it can take up to 24 hours for your account to become fully activated. After your NetID is fully activated, it can take another 4-6 hours for your classes to appear in Canvas. It should not take more than 48 hours from the time you create your NetID until your courses are visible in Canvas.

Has the quarter started?

Course access will open to students on the first day of the quarter. Prior to the first day you will be able to login to Canvas, but you won't have access to their course materials.

Did you just register for the course?

From the time you register, it can take 4-6 hours until the changes are reflected in Canvas. If it takes longer than 24 hours, please contact our Service Desk for further assistance.

Did you register with a Late Registration petition?

There is a lag time from the time your instructor submits the petition until you have access to Canvas. After your instructor submits the petition, it will be sent to the registration office to be processed and added to your registration. After the registration office has processed the petition and the class is showing up under your current enrollments in the registration system, it will take 4-6 hours until the changes are reflected in Canvas.

Has your instructor published their course?

If the quarter has started and you are able to access Canvas, but you do not see the course listed in the course menu, it is possible that your instructor needs to publish their course. You can check this by going to your courses menu, viewing all courses, and then looking at the published status. If you have questions on when the course will be published, you will need to contact your instructor.

Are you using a compatible browser?

Canvas is typically compatible with the most current versions of browsers. It is important that you check to make sure both your browser and the version are listed on the Browser Requirements page. We recommend checking the compatibility page at least once per quarter.

None of the above options apply to me, what now?

If you have read through all of the above options, and none of these apply to you, please contact our Service Desk at (425) 564-4357 for further assistance.

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