Printing from the Wireless Network


If you are a student and can use the N250 computer lab, you can print to the lab printers. You have two options for doing this. The first is via the web and should work for most computers. The second is specific to iPads but may work on some iPhone models as well.

How To: Print via the web:

PaperCut dialog box

  •  Logon using the same username and password you would logon to a school computer

PaperCut Summary display box

•    Click on Web Print 

Web Print dialog box

•    Click on the Submit a Job link

Web Print dialog box

•    Click on the 3. Upload Document >>> button.

Web Print Select a document window

•    Your document must match one of the types displayed. If so, click on the Browse…button and select the file to print, or drag the file to the indicated spot on the page. When selected click on the Upload & Complete >>> button.

Web Print dialog box

• Your job will be uploaded and rendered on the server. You may now go to the D101 lab, the Library (D126) or the N250 computer lab and release the job as you would normally do so. The job will stay in the queue for one hour.


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