Custom Blocks in Website Block Editor


If you are a Bellevue College website manager who is currently using the WordPress Block Editor, we have created the following custom blocks for you to use. They are documented below. Other blocks are part of WordPress Core, and are documented on

Bellevue College Custom Blocks


Allows you to create Alerts in the Block Editor. Once you insert the alert, you can add additional blocks inside. Alerts are to be used to highlight critical information and announcements.



The button block allows you to insert simple buttons that link to the webpage of your choice. These are great for 'Call to Action' buttons!

Child Pages

If your page has child pages assigned, the child pages block will automatically display a list or grid of all child pages. This replaces the older 'Templates' functionality in the classic editor. You can choose how child pages display.


Collapsable/Collapse (Accordion)

Allows you to create an Accordion style element on your page. Once you add a Collapsable block, you will add multiple Collapse blocks within it.



Allows you to create a multi-column layout using responsive columns. Using columns is slightly more complex than other blocks.

  1. Insert a Row block
  2. Click the Add Column button to insert as many columns as you wish
  3. If you want unevenly sized columns, use the options on the sidebar to resize the columns as you wish
  4. To add content, select the column you wish to edit, then insert whatever content you would like


The Course block allows you to insert official Bellevue College course information into your website.


Intro Text (Lead)

Designed for page introductions, the Lead block makes text slighly larger.


Card (sometimes called Panel on older sites)

Allows you to insert a Bootstrap 4 Card featuring some content in a self-contained 'module'.



If you are using the built-in Staff section, you can display a list or grid of staff members using this block.



Allows you to insert a Tabbed Navigation block



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