Repeated Prompts to Unlock “Local Items” Keychain on a Mac

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Note: This article is about the “Local Items” keychain, not the “Login” keychain. This is for a Mac operating system

If you are repeatedly being prompted to unlock the “Local Items” keychain in multiple apps when logging in, please follow the steps below:

  1. In Finder select Go -> Go to folder… (⇧⌘G)
  2. In the window that appears, type the following:

  3. Click Go.
  4. Move all the contents of Keychains folder to the Trash, but do not empty the Trash.
  5. After moving the folder to the Trash, immediately choose Apple Menu () > Restart… to restart your Mac. Remember to save all work before restarting
  6. If desired, you can empty Trash after logging in.

After restarting the computer, a new Keychains folder is created in the Library. There is no need to repeat the steps in this article, or to delete this folder. The new folder is expected and corrects the symptom described in this article.


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