Shared Mailbox using Outlook


You can view another person’s mailbox or a department mailbox from within your own Outlook profile.

In order for an employee to view a department mailbox, the supervisor of the department will need to enter a ticket. 

Prior to viewing another persons mailbox or a department mailbox, permissions will need to be configured.


How To: Give permission for someone to view your mailbox

  1. Right click on the root folder of the Exchange mailbox located at the top of the Navigation Pane in Outlook.  Example:

  2. Choose Folder Permissions

  3. On the Permissions tab, Click Add

  4. Type the name of the person you want to give permissions to view your mailbox. A list of employees from the Global Address Book will appear.

  5. Highlight the employee’s name from the list and Click Add

  6. Click OK

  7. You will be redirected back to the window where you can change permissions for the employee you just added.

  8. Highlight the newly added employee name in the list

  9. Click on the drop down arrow in the Permission Level fieldbox and choose the level of permissions from the menu that you want to grant to the employee

  10. Click Apply

  11. Click OK

  12. Notify the employee about the permissions you have just given them.

  13. The employee you just added will now have to add your mailbox to their Outlook profile by following the instructions below for Adding a mailbox to an Outlook profile.

Permissions for viewing a department mailbox

How To: View a department mailbox

  1. In order for an employee to view a department mailbox, the supervisor of the department will need to enter a ticket 

  2. The ticket description will need to identify the name of the person that should be granted permission to view the mailbox and the name of the department mailbox.

  3. Once permissions have been given by a BC Exchange administrator, the  ticket will be updated and the requestor/supervisor will be notified. The supervisor will need to notify the employee who needs to view the department mailbox.

  4. The mailbox can then be added by the employee who has received permissions to the mailbox by following the instructions below for Adding a mailbox to an Outlook profile.

How To: Add a mailbox to an Outlook profile in Windows

  1. Open Outlook Client Application

  2. Click on the File tab.

  3. Under the drop down for Account Settings and select Account Settings

  4. In the Account Settings window that opens, click on the E-mail tab

  5. Highlight your email address from the list

  6. Click on Change in the toolbar.

  7. In the Change Account window that opens, click on More Settings in the lower right corner.

  8. Click on the Advanced tab.

  9. Click on Add.

  10. In the Add mailbox field, type in the persons username, department mailbox name, or email address.

  11. Click OK.

  12. You will be brought back to the Microsoft Exchange window showing the newly added name in the mailbox section.

  13. Click Apply.

  14. Click OK.

  15. Click Next in the Change Account window.

  16. Click Finish in the window where you see “Congratulations! You have successfully entered all the information…..”

  17. Click Close in the Account Settings window.

  18. You should now see the newly added mailbox listed in the bottom of the Navigation Pane in your Outlook profile. 

How To: Send email from a shared email account

  1. Open Outlook
  1. Compose a new email
  1. If the From field is not visible, Select the Options tab
  1. In the Show Fields group, select From button
  1. In the new email, click the From button and choose Other Email Address..
  1. When prompted, type the Display Name of the shared mailbox and select OK

Note: If you receive a delivery failure notice after sending out a message under the identity of a shared mailbox account, this is due to you not having "Send As" permissions for the email account. 



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