Email & Calendar

Knowledge about using Outlook email and Calendar

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Adding your Photo to Outlook Web App in Office 365

Knowledge about changing your profile picture in O365

BC FYI Email

Knowledge about unsubscribing or subscribing to BC FYI Email

Configure Outlook Exchange Email on an Android Phone

Knowledge about Bellevue College credentials for assisting with configuring an Android device

Configure Outlook Exchange Email on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Knowledge about configuring Outlook on an Apple device.

Create a Distribution List in Outlook

Knowledge about creating an Outlook Distribution Group

Email in Office 365

Knowledge about connecting to your Bellevue College O365 email through a web browser

Email Safe Links

Your Bellevue College email is protected from malicious links by system enhancements

How to: Join or Leave a Distribution Group

Steps to join or leave a distribution group.

How to: Setup Inbox Rules and Forwarding

Setup a rule or forward email to another address.

How to: Turn Off Mail Forwarding in Outlook

How to turn off mail forwarding in Outlook.

Mark an Email as Phishing in Office 365

Follow the steps to mark a suspicious email as phishing.

Public Distribution Lists – All BC-Official

Knowledge about All BC-Official email

Recognizing Spoofed E-mail

Spoofed email communications.

Save Outlook Message as a PDF File

Knowledge about saving email in PDF format.

Share an Outlook Calendar

Steps and instructions on how to share your Outlook Calendar in Office 2019 and Office 365.

Shared Mailbox in O365

Knowledge about Accessing a Shared Department or User Mailbox

Shared Mailbox using Outlook

Knowledge about viewing or adding another persons mailbox or a department mailbox

Virus Alerts

Knowledge about reporting a virus on your BC computer