Virus Alerts


Bellevue College has an important technical resource which allows campus users to help technical support personnel know about and deal with malicious e-mail the user receives. 


The two steps to take when you believe you have received a suspicious e-mail are:

  1. Create a Service Desk Ticket
    • Add an explanation to the task explaining why you suspect the e-mail is malicious.
  2. Forward to Virus Infections account
    • In the subject line of the email be forwarded, please include the ticket number from the service desk ticket you created.
    • Please forward the e-mail to
    • This address is listed in the Global Address Book as “Virus Infections,” and has been designated to allow support personnel to safely handle these types of e-mail messages. 
    • Once you have forwarded such an e-mail, delete the original from your own mailbox and empty your deleted items folder. 
    • NOTE: It is important to not send such messages to an individual assigned to ITS or to the Technology Service Desk account, as it puts those users at risk for accidentally opening the malicious content.
    • Support personnel will evaluate the malicious e-mail and take action, as appropriate. 

Your assistance in intercepting and identifying malicious e-mail is appreciated and is a vital part of keeping all college computers and networks free from viruses and other malicious software applications.

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