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Distribution lists are groupings of e-mail addresses which allow a single e-mail to be sent to many recipients at once.   Various college-wide public distribution lists have been created to provide standardized logical groupings of most college employee (not student) e-mail addresses.

Each has specific guidelines for its use; all require a special designation in square brackets within the subject line to distinguish e-mail sent to these lists.

All BC-Official

  1. The subject line for All BC-Official messages must begin with the word “Official” in square brackets: [Official].
    • This distribution list includes all Bellevue College administrative network e-mail recipients; campus users may not be removed from this list.
  2. The All-BC-Official distribution list may only be used for official college messages that all employees need to know. Students are not included in this distribution list.
    • Examples include: College Issues day announcements, campus closure notices, or messages to the entire campus from the President and/or Deans/VPs.
  3. The All BC-Official distribution list is the only public distribution list which requires approval for the sender to be added to the group of those authorized to send to it by the individual’s Dean/VP or the President’s Office before its use.
    • Without this pre-authorization, campus users cannot send to this list.
    • In order to become authorized to send to All-BC Official, an individual should have their VP submit ticket.
    • Except in significant situations, “All BC-Official” will not be used for announcements to the campus of personnel changes (hiring, separations, retirements).
      • Sending messages to be included in the daily “All BC-FYI” digest is the more appropriate forum except in the most significant cases.
  4. Recipients should never use “Reply to All” in response to an “All BC-Official” message.  Any needed reply should go directly to the individual sending the message.

Further Help

If you are uncertain regarding the appropriate use of e-mail, have any questions concerning any of the e-mail policies, procedures and/or standards, or require assistance with technical problems related to campus e-mail resources, please contact the Technology Service Desk 425-564-4357 or visit in Room A109.


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