Delete a SharePoint subsite


These instructions are for deleting a SharePoint subsite NOT a SharePoint site collection

If you want or need to delete a subsite that is under a site collection, you will need to have Full Control permissions to that subsite. 

Before you delete a subsite, double check the URL address and make sure you are deleting the intended subsite.  Also, when you delete a subsite, all data in the subsite is also deleted. 

When you delete a subsite, you are deleting any associated subsites, content, and user information that are part of the site, including documents, document libraries, lists and list data.

How to delete a subsite:

  1. Navigate to the subsite that you want to delete  (double check and make sure you are in the correct subsite)
  2. Click on the Gear in the top menu bar
  3. Click on Site Settings
  4. Under Site Actions, Click Delete this site ( you will only be able to see this option or delete a site if you have permissions to delete)
  5. The "Delete This Site" window will open and the URL will be shown.  You will need to confirm that you want to Delete the site or choose Cancel

Note: If you accidentally Delete a subsite in SharePoint, there is a possibility that it can be restored from the site collection recycle bin by a site collection administrator.  A request to restore a subsite should be made as soon as the mistake is noticed.  Timing is one of the variables that prevents a subsite from being restored.



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