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Pinned Article MyBC SharePoint Governance

Knowledge about the MyBC SharePoint Online Bellevue College internal site

Active Directory Department Group Members for SharePoint permission

Knowledge about viewing BC department group members for SharePoint permission

Add Contacts and Related Links to MyBC Site

Make sure your site managers are listed as Key Contacts, and you link to any Related Links, such as your public Bellevue College website.

Add Pages to Your MyBC Site

Instructions for adding pages to your MyBC SharePoint subsite

Create a Subsite on MyBC

How to create a subsite in MyBC on Office 365. Note that you need to be a site administrator in order to create a subsite; if you need assistance, please contact your site collection administrator.

Delete a SharePoint subsite

Knowledge about deleting a SharePoint subsite

Manage Left Navigation on MyBC

Step by step instructions on properly managing the site navigation located in the left section of site collections and nested subsites

Saving a file to a MyBC SharePoint site

Knowledge about the options for saving a file to a MyBC SharePoint site

Upload files from O365 Group to SharePoint document library

Knowledge about uploading O365 Group files to SharePoint Library