How To Add Link to Documents (PDF/DOCX/etc) on the Public Website

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Instructions for adding link to pages on the BC public website (within the BC WordPress-based Content Management System) that lead users to documents such as PDFs, DOCXs, and others.

Using the Classic (Visual) Editor

  1. Using your mouse, click and drag to select the text you would like to link to a document
  2. Copy this text to your computer's clipboard (right click, then click Copy)
  3. Click the Add Media button at the top left of the editor
  4. Click the Upload Files tab
  5. Upload your document
  6. In the right Attachment Details panel, delete the contents of the Title field
  7. Paste the content from step 2
  8. At the bottom left, click the Insert Into Page button

Using the new Block Editor (Gutenberg)

Instructions coming soon!


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Tue 3/12/19 10:30 AM