Services A-Z (17)

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Canvas Course Evaluations

Students may evaluate their courses here. The college uses this information to evaluate the instructors and their courses and provides instructors with an opportunity to improve their courses.

Canvas Password Reset

Submit a request to help reset your Canvas (same as NetID) password.


Log in to see all technology related services

Please log in to see all technology related services.


NetID Password Reset

Your NetID is used to get into Bellevue College resources like your e-mail, MyBC, Canvas, etc.


Office 2019 Download for Home Use

Download and Install up to five copies of Office 2019 on a personal device.


Report an Issue with a BC Website

Report any website issues, including broken links, page errors, accessibility issues etc.

Request a TargetX Feature

Request a new feature for TargetX.

Request BC Website Content (NEW)

Request to add content to the main Bellevue College website.

Request Canvas Help

Request help or assistance with Canvas related topics, such as submission issues or how to questions.

Request Help or Report an Issue

Submit your request here if you do not know where it should be entered or if you have a question.

Request Help with Classrooms & Labs

Submit a request ticket here if you need assistance or have any questions regarding Classrooms & Labs.

Request Help with Email, OneDrive or Office 365

Submit a request ticket here if you need assistance or have any questions regarding Email, OneDrive, Calendar or Office 365.

Request Help with Network Connectivity

Report a problem with the network or any wired/wireless connection on campus.

Request Help with TargetX and Salesforce

Submit a request if you have a question or need assistance with TargetX and/or Salesforce.

Request PaperCut Refund

Request a printing credit refund if you were charged for a print job that was not successful.

Request Toner or Paper in a Classroom or Lab

Submit a request for toner replacement or paper refill in a classroom.

Request Username Change

Request to change your NetID username and email.