Troubleshooting in Canvas


Troubleshooting Canvas issues for students.



If you are having trouble with Canvas, one of the related articles to the right might have an answer for you. If you don't see what you are looking for, try reading through the suggestions below.



  • Check that your browser is compatible
    Canvas is typically compatible with the most current versions of browsers. It is important that you check to make sure both your browser and the version are listed on the Browser Requirements page. We recommend checking the requirements page at least once per quarter.
  • Try another browser and computer
    If you encounter issues with Canvas, try another browser on your computer. It is possible that the browser is not compatible with Canvas. If you have the same issue, try another computer.
  • Clear your browser’s cache
    Sometimes your browser’s Cache needs to be cleared, especially if you changed your password recently or if you bookmark the Canvas Login page. See How to Clear Cache on a Mac or How to Clear Cache on a PC for more information. 


  • Verify your ISP is not blocking port 8443
    Some internet service providers, either at your workplace or free Wifi locations, may not allow connection to port 8443 which is what Canvas uses to authenticate. If this is the case, you will need to find a different location to access Canvas from. If it is your workplace, you may be able to put in a request to your on site technician to have the port opened.
  • Verify your computer’s security software is not blocking port 8443
    Some Anti-Virus or Firewall software may also block port 8443 which will prevent connection to Canvas. If this is the case you may need to go into your firewall’s settings.
  • Use a secure and reliable connection
    We advise that you use a wired broadband connection while doing your course work, especially quizzes. Also, you should use a Windows or Macintosh computer to do your course work, as most mobile applications do not offer full Canvas functionality at this time.


  • Verify your enrollment
    If you are enrolled for a course and it does not appear in your list of courses, chances are your instructor has not published your course. You can verify your enrollment by going to “Courses” and then “All Courses”. If your instructor has not published your course it will show that the course is not published. Contact your instructor for further information. If you do not see your course anywhere, verify your enrollment in the Registration System.
  • Check the status of Canvas
    Canvas has a very high uptime rating of 99.9 %, so chances are their site is not down. Check the Canvas Outage Status Page. You can subscribe to the outage page to get updates on the rare occasions Canvas does go down for maintenance. 
  • Your computer must meet the minimum requirements
    In order to prevent issues in Canvas, make sure that your computer meets Canvas’ Computer Specifications.



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