How to: Login to Canvas


How to login to Canvas.



In order to login to Canvas (and other campus related technology), you will need to use your NetID which is short for "Network Identification". If you haven't signed up for your NetID yet, you should create one now. If you are just creating your NetID, it can take anywhere from 24-48 from the time you create your account until you can see your course(s) in Canvas.  If you have created a NetID but it has been a while since you have used it, your username is usually the first portion of your Bellevue email address (everything before the @ sign). You can also lookup your username online, you will need to know your SID & PIN to do so. To lookup your username (NetID) click here.

  1. Open the Bellevue College website
  2. Click the Canvas option on the upper right side of the page

    Image of Bellevue College Ribbon and Canvas Login
  3. Click on the green Log in to Canvas button on the right side of the page

    Green "Log in to Canvas" button
  4. This is where you will need your full BC email address (ex: Enter your full email address, and click the blue Next button.

    Enter your full BC email address and click Next
  5. This is where you will need your NetID. Enter your BC Email Address, your password, and click the blue Sign in button.

Image of Username and Password fields

Note: If you prefer, you can also bookmark the direct Canvas Link:  This will allow you to skip directly to step #4.



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