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Knowledge about MyBC

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Administrative Login to the Bellevue College Official Website (WordPress)

Instructions on how to login into an official Bellevue College website site and establish a profile.

Data Storage Options at Bellevue College

Knowledge about the different types of data storage locations

Export/Import Bookmarks

Knowledge about backing up Bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox

Gravity Forms on the BC Forms Server

Forms that collect protected student information that falls under FERPA, PII, or other protections should be located in Bellevue College's Forms Server. This article covers how to access and use forms on the BC forms server, and how they differ from forms located within the main BC website.

How To Add Link to Documents (PDF/DOCX/etc) on the Public Website

Instructions for adding link to pages on the BC public website (within the BC WordPress-based Content Management System) that lead users to documents such as PDFs, DOCXs, and others.

How to use the Slideshow/Carousel in the Bellevue College CMS

Instructions on how to use the integrated homepage slider/slideshow/carousel within the Mayflower theme used by the Bellevue College website content management system. Training Videos

Knowledge about logging in to training videos


Knowledge about NeoGov support.

Office 365 Groups

Knowledge about Office 365 Groups with detailed information on configuring the group.

Qualtrics Survey Tool

Qualtrics Survey Tool

WordPress Gravity Forms Notification Settings

Gravity Forms is used for forms across the Bellevue College website. In order for notification emails to function, Gravity Forms needs to be configured very specifically. This article walks you through these settings.

WordPress Mayflower Theme: Display Employees using Staff Page Functionality

Our website includes the functionality to display employees in an informative, easy to manage way. You can add and edit employees through the ‘Staff’ section of the wordpress dashboard.